About Us

Knowmor Inc. Statement of Purpose

Knowmor Inc. supports Wellness Promotion by focusing on all components of health as it relates to body function.

At Knowmor, we believe that all humans are unique, integrated beings, and that our health and wellness should reflect all aspects of our endeavors. Use of the wellness model as opposed to the disease model is our focus.

At Knowmor, we look for solutions at the most basic structural levels, including but not limited to posture, pain, immobility, reduced flexibility, and/or loss of function.

We promote a Complimentary and Integrative Health Approach Through – Muscle Balance and Endurance/Strength Building, Nutritional Supplementation Support, Education and Training, Exercise, Stress Management, and Adequate Rest Promotion.


Knowmor supports and emphasizes research into avenues of physical challenge for all age groups and activity levels. As such we support professional organizations that are like-minded such as the American College of Sports Medicine, Harvard Medical School, The Cleveland Clinic, Environmental Nutrition, and others. See Knowmor’s Affiliations Page for a complete list of our Sacramento area and national affiliations.

We promote the benefits and educational pursuit of our interpretive form of the therapeutic application process we call Functional Bowen™ (physio) Therapy.

We promote the training of, including related specialties, Functional Bowen™ and its benefits, to Contract Staff, Medical Professionals, The Health Industry and Patient/Clients or their support systems whenever possible.

We are involved at the Community level and promote the local Chamber of Commerce, Business & Health Fairs, and focus on Community Service support both locally as well as nationally.

We believe in the preservation of life, the protection of those in harms way, the pursuit of excellence in business/life and the prosperity of our nation.

We maintain an A+ membership with the Better Business Bureau of Northern California.

Meet the Team

Method Founder and Lead Therapist

Judy Terwilliger

Judy Terwilliger: Lead Therapist and Owner

Judy Terwilliger is a Registered Nurse of 40 years, concurrently a Certified Massage Therapist and Functional Mobility Specialist for 17 years. She maintains a broad base of practice spanning four decades. Currently she oversees a busy pain management practice in Sacramento CA, and works extensively with rehabilitation physicians, pediatric healthcare practitioners and other allied health care specialists to effect therapeutic change across a broad range of myofascial/muscle pattern dysfunctions. From infants to seniors she promotes functional mobility, focusing on a wellness paradigm, therapeutically utilizing a tensegrity-based modality that she has developed and teaches nationwide called The Functional Bowen Method™. It is uniquely focused on affecting fascial change where disruption of any kind has impacted muscle pliability, response and flexibility. Read about Our Functional Bowen Method™ here.

This multi-disciplined, training oriented, integrative focus is what sets her business apart from others. She and her staff of licensed therapists and practitioners work on “Incorporating Concepts in Natural Body Design & Restoration”. Combining her Western Medicine background with her Complimentary Medicine studies, her focus on structure-function balance in the field of pain-management, from infants to seniors, using her Functional Bowen Method™ has seen many successes.

She currently is an active member of the National Society of Pediatric Nurses, the American College of Sports Medicine and has been a featured speaker on the subject of myofascial dysfunction assessment and resolves both nationally as well as internationally

To Read More: Judy Terwilliger BiographyCurriculum Vitae/Education

Contract Staff


Bethany Shields: Therapist

I am a graduate Certified in both Basic and Advanced Bowen therapy. I received my original training locally at the Bowen Method Center of Fair Oaks, California, with additional studies at the National Bowen Training Institute in Barberton, Ohio. Also, I am a State-certified Therapy Practitioner with studies completed at MTI in Davis California. These studies included anatomy and physiology, assessment and postural evaluation, advanced deep tissue, pelvic health and balance, myofacial release, whiplash, specific therapy care for seniors or the infirm, and many others.

I find I am able to also use my background in various sports venues including extensive dance, gymnastics, swimming, and martial arts training to my advantage in understanding the body and circumstances experienced by my clients. I originally became aware of Functional Bowen™ Therapy after a serious car accident involving myself and some of my family members. Functional Bowen™ Therapy afforded great relief and lasting help in the recovery process. Being greatly interested in how the body functions and the unique approach Functional Bowen™ uses with its cross-fiber technique to assist the restorative process, I couldn’t resist the field.

I have worked as a Functional Bowen™ Therapist since 2006. While working in general care, elderly assistance, and sports management, I have seen amazing across-the-board results. Additionally, I have helped my patients experience positive outcomes with general pain and discomfort accrued from daily life habits or restriction and immobility worsening over time. Even injury and post-surgical recovery circumstances were benefited. Having studied recently the advanced form of Functional Bowen™, I feel as though I have a more complete toolbox of therapeutic moves to apply in any circumstance that presents itself. I enjoy working with people to assist them in achieving an alternative and natural health care solution. And I find problem solving for the cause behind the dysfunction challenging yet rewarding. My objective is to assist my clients in their healing process, promote in them an active, healthy lifestyle, and ultimately help them achieve their goals.

David Leary 2019

David Leary: Therapist

My name is David Leary and I am a Functional Bowen™ Therapist. I have my B.S. in Exercise Biology from UC Davis and have long had a passion for Sports Medicine and Exercise Rehabilitation. I completed my CMT training at Fair Oaks Massage Institute and am now training to specialize in pain management and rehabilitation. I have always had a strong desire to learn about the body and dedicated my passion to the areas of Anatomy, along with Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology. I am fascinated by human potential with respect to athletics and exercise output and am dedicated to the rehab of those who strive to push themselves harder, faster and longer. My goal is to work to enable clients/patients out of their pain and dysfunction and return them to normal balance and functional mobility.

My first introduction to Functional Bowen™ Therapy was as a patient of Judy’s. I was suffering from chronic back pain and my usual stretches and exercises were not alleviating the issue. My physician referred me to Judy and within the first few sessions I was nearly pain free and my mobility had been significantly improved. As an avid skier and dedicated exercise enthusiast I have experienced the true value in the Functional Bowen Method™ and the potential it has for pain management and recovery. My goal is to assist clients/patients in their healing process to ultimately improve their mobility and ultimately their quality of life.

Julie Salonga

Julie Salonga: Therapist

My name is Julie Salonga and I am a Registered Nurse with a certification in therapeutic touch. I received my ADN at Sierra College and my BSN at California State University, Stanislaus. With my 11 years on the Orthopedic/Trauma unit at Memorial Medical Center in Modesto, I have specialized in caring for patients with total hip, knee and spine surgeries. I believe in treating the patient as a whole person rather than just the symptoms that they present with. I want to bring in my clinical expertise to client/patient care having broadened my nursing skills with learning the Functional Bowen Method™. I hope to provide the client/patient with increased functional mobility and encourage an optimal quality of life. My intent is to educate and empower people to take accountability for their own health without relying heavily on medications to fix their symptoms. I hope to help them use other modalities, together with their essential medications as a tool to advocate for them on their journey towards healing. Simply put, my goal is to bring health back into healthcare.

Lynn Alberts

Lynn Alberts: Therapist

I am a graduate of Pacific School of Massage and the Healing Arts in Gualala California. I have been a Certified Therapist for 21 years as well as a Certified Personal Trainer for 17 years. I specialize in Corrective Exercise, and am Certified in Sports Nutrition. I have studied myofascial release, advanced deep tissue, and transformational bodywork. I enjoy being able to work with people to help them reduce their pain and improve their mobility.

A friend came to me and asked me if I knew about Functional Bowen™ Therapy. I had heard of it, but never experienced it. After taking an initial class, I realized that this form of therapy is a very important tool to learn and understand. Since taking advanced training in Functional Bowen™, I am specializing in its sports application. I have seen first hand quite amazing results with cyclists, cross fit athletes, those recovering from knee surgery, chronic shoulder issues, and so much more.

When experiencing this work and seeing the results of those mentioned, what strikes me are the long-term results achieved. This uniquely effective modality where each session reinforces the next one makes it vastly different than any other form of therapy I have ever experience or worked with. I am excited to be a part of this cutting edge approach to natural healing and restorative health. As a Sports Bowen Specialist™, I look forward to helping athletes from all sports venues achieve their goals and find true balance and optimal function.