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I have been collaborating with Judy Terwilliger, R.N. and now her staff at Flexibly Fit™ for almost seven years now. Using a combination of Functional Bowen™ Therapy ( a form of specialized myofascial release) and traditional western medical techniques I have seen great improvement in my patients’ muscle compliance accompanied by decreased pain and increased functional mobility.

I regularly refer my patients with myofascial pain as well as dysfunctional movement patterns to her and her staff. With the Functional Bowen™ Therapy treatments that they provided I have seen a profound improvement in almost every patient referred. This therapeutic treatment process addresses chronic as well as acute myofascial dysfunction.

Further, this method allows my patients to have less pain, improve their function and improve the quality of their lives. I have referred a broad range of patients and diagnoses to nurse Terwilliger, from pediatrics to geriatrics. And on a personal note she also treats me and has treated my very active teenage daughter.

I would highly encourage physicians and those in the healthcare profession to allow her to present her therapeutic approach on treating myofascial pain and dysfunction to them, as well as consider this method for their own patients, providing an unusually effective option to improve function, reduce pain and improve the quality of their patient’s lives.


Topher Stephenson, M.D.

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After 40 years in the healthcare industry some people get softer or slower pace, not Mrs. Judy Terwilliger. I have professionally known her for a year. Her passion to dive deeper and learn more is inspiring. There is no biases to whom she will or will not work with to uncover the root of the problem. Our chiropractic office has gone through a “think tank” while working with her on some difficult cases. We have come to understand muscle distortion in a whole new light. We are changing so many chronic issues quicker with Judy’s Functional Bowen analysis and therapy. I highly recommend her teachings, methods and therapies to anyone in the alternative healthcare model and without reservation to those who are in the traditional model. With our offices seeing eye to eye on the origin of many health related issues, we need stronger players like Judy to help us show the world how structural health is so important in maintaining our own health and wellness.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Jim M. Weber

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As a professional Lactation Consultant for almost 30 years,  I have come to understand that it takes a village to appropriately deal with challenging infant feeding cases.  Deciding that feeding is only from the jaw up is like deciding that the thyroid only affects the neck.  Infants who are physically uncomfortable don’t feed well.  When I assess infants who exhibit physical discomfort that impacts feeding ability, my primary resource is Judy Terwilliger,  RN, CMT.  She has decades of experience, provides a complete head to toe assessment,  and truly is remarkable.  I have trusted her collaboration for years, and as the founder of Functional Bowen™ Therapy, she is truly a master healer.  

After sending babies to her for years, I had an personal epiphany, and decided to see her for my own physical issues.  Her therapy has helped me maintain an active lifestyle despite the eventual need for knee replacement.  Judy has been a Godsend both professionally and personally.  I cannot say enough about the need for collaboration when physical barriers exist. Judy is my “go-to” professional when infant feeding is effected by physical pain or barriers. 

Debbie Albert,  PhD, BSN, IBCLCLactation Consultant 
UC Davis Medical Center 

As a health care practitioner, I have collaborated with Judy Terwilliger in treating some of my more complex clients. This team approach has greatly benefited my clients, ranging from children to adults. I highly recommend Judy and her Functional Bowen Method™ for her vast knowledge and the effectiveness of the work she and her staff perform. She is kind, expresses genuine concern for her patients condition, is always professional and maintains a very punctual schedule.

-Shelly Azevedo, BSDH, MS, Registered Dental Hygienist Specializing in Myofunctional Therapy

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