National Functional Bowen™ Institute

Functional Bowen™ Therapy

Functional Bowen™ Therapy is a form of functional mobility therapy that utilizes the unique therapeutic tool from the work of Thomas Bowen. It is a proprietary method that differs entirely from the Traditional Bowen Method approach.

The key element is a systematically-directed muscle release technique combined with therapeutic range of motion, hydrotherapy and other home-based therapeutics concepts.

Though it can be utilized as a stand-alone form of therapy, Functional Bowen™ is intended as adjunct form of care that can be integrated collaboratively with other healthcare modalities.

It provides the “missing piece” in a targeted multi-disciplinary approach to functional mobility deficits, pain management, general structural imbalances, and dysfunction related to hindering muscle tension.

Where applied, it can play an integral role in restoration of normal functional mobility in the body, focusing on a wellness paradigm rather than on a disease model.

Therapeutic Benefits

  • Effective Relief of Muscle Tension, Dysfunction & Pain
  • An Increased Blood Supply & Tissue Repair
  • Increased Body Cleansing & Immune Support
  • Improved Functional Body Balance & Mobility
  • Increased Flexibility, Agility & Muscle Recovery/Response
  • Promotes Normal Developmental Milestones in Children
  • Improves Rehabilitative Outcomes at All Ages

Professional Benefits

Skills developed include learning:

  • Short Cuts To Quickly Assess Postural Distortions
  • Assessment of Circumstantial History & Lifestyle Choices That May Apply
  • Recognition of Muscle Pattern Dysfunctions & Related Physical Symptoms
  • Planning Strategies for Muscle Pattern Correction Through Muscle Release
  • Assessment of Muscle Compliance Progress with Ongoing Patient Outcomes
  • Formulation of Collaborative Strategies With Allied Health Providers
  • Referral Resources as Available to Assist In The Plan of Care