Flexibly Fit™ Testimonials

Professional Testimonials

I recently sought Functional Bowen™ Therapy care because I was suffering from hip and shoulder pain, as well as chronic migraines. I had been seeing a local chiropractor and was frustrated with the frequency of visits. It seemed my adjustments weren’t “holding” and the pain issues were not resolving. I made the switch to Judy Terwilliger, the founder of Functional Bowen™ Therapy and was so grateful to find her. I started feeling better after my first appointment. She took the time to explain this unique myofascial release technique and gave me exercises to do at home. I am experiencing less pain and have fewer migraines. After several weeks, I reduced the frequency of my visits and continue to do so. My musculoskeletal health has greatly improved! Shelly Azevedo, BSDH, MS, Registered Dental Hygienist Specializing in Myofunctional Therapy

Functional Bowen™ Therapy has been proven to me to be an effective, gentle way of relieving musculoskeletal tension and in turn, decreasing tension on the nervous system and surrounding structures. As a chiropractor, I have seen my patients who are under the care of Judy Terwilliger, get better faster. Functional Bowen™ Therapy increases blood flow, decreases muscle spasm and pain, and relieves the restrictions on the nervous system that inhibit optimal function. I have been a client under Judy’s care and seen vast improvements in not only my physical function, but also in my ability to handle stress. She has released tight muscles that constrict blood flow and nerve flow, allowing me to have full recoveries after minor injuries. I highly recommend that my patients have complimentary Functional Bowen™ Therapy to optimize their function and recovery. – Dr. E. Hall, DC / Life Chiropractic College West Graduate

I am a nurse practitioner and work in pain management.  I have had personal experience with Judy Terwilliger after a car accident.  I had severe neck trauma and Judy’s treatments helped calm down the pain that I was experiencing and improved my range of motion.  I have referred several patients to Judy and she has provided excellent care allowing them to function with less pain and improving their mobility.  I will continue to refer patients to this excellent practitioner. – P. McCarthy, RN, NP

Finding effective hands on therapy for chronic discomfort and maladaptive musculoskeletal patterns is rare.  As an Osteopathic physician who has used osteopathic manipulative therapy and has also been a “patient,” I am convinced based on my own personal experience that Functional Bowen™ Therapy works.  For me, this has manifested in pain relief, improved mobility and function, and the ability to advance my own strength, stability, and flexibility training. My sense is that effective therapy requires an in-depth understanding of anatomy and biomechanics which are fundamental aspects of Functional Bowen™.  My hope is that this technique can be made available to more individuals who would benefit. –Karen C. Ramstrom, DO, MSPH

My name is Dr. Andrea Joy Smith a practicing dentist in the Sacramento area. I met Judy of Flexibly Fit™, over six (6) years ago. Prior to meeting Judy, I was receiving a massage once a week and receiving Chiropractic Care two to three times weekly. That amount of treatment did little to relieve my symptoms of chronic sore neck, shoulders and lower back. My muscles were tight and my attempt at stretching was not effective.

My first experience with Functional Bowen™ Therapy, performed by Judy, was at my desk in my office. She came over to introduce herself and she saw that I was holding my neck in an odd position and she offered to see if she could relieve my discomfort. Skeptical, I agreed, because I thought, “What could she do at my desk that many Chiropractic visits and regular message could not?”

After that 5 minute treatment, I felt no pain in my neck and shoulders and she explained that the muscles were not getting enough blood flow. I immediately set up an appointment to come in for a full treatment session. That was the beginning of once weekly sessions with her. I had no need to receive the frequent Chiropractic treatment I had been receiving. My problem was largely muscular. I have not had regular Chiropractic visits for quite some time now.

Today my neck, shoulder and back problems are minor and I can not only practice dentistry without much discomfort, I have been able to continue to play racquetball regularly. Functional Bowen™ Therapy has definitely improved my neck, back and shoulder health, thanks to Judy. – Dr. A. Joy Smith, DDS

I have experience with Judy Terwilliger and Functional Bowen™ Therapy from different perspectives. As a patient she was able to restore blood supply and essential nutrients to a slow healing Tib/Fib fracture. My severely hypertonic muscles after a traumatic injury were limiting blood supply to the fracture and delaying healing. Judy with her Functional Bowen™ Therapy skills was able to accomplish what Physical Therapy failed to see as a problem. Functional Bowen™ Therapy aided bone healing and allowed me to avoid additional surgery.

Seeking to understand the principles of Functional Bowen™ Therapy, I have spent time observing Judy performing Functional Bowen™ Therapy and completed her class. Using a holistic approach to the human body Judy works with other health professionals to address all parts of the health need. As a dentist I recommend patient’s with Myofacial pain be evaluated and treated by Functional Bowen™ Therapy. During acute muscle inflammation pain relief is aided by Functional Bowen™ Therapy, which addresses all contributing muscles of the body, thus allowing the body to return to normal function more efficiently. Thank you Judy for your passion to provide a valuable service. – A. Trout, DDS

Individual Testimonials

Several years ago, my engagement in long distance walking came to an abrupt halt when I contracted Plantar Fasciitis. I tried the usual home remedies: reduce the walking, ibuprofen, shoes with higher arches, and stretching. I even bought one of those uncomfortable foot supports to wear at night.

I eventually made the inevitable trip to the doctor and bought his recommended New Balance shoes with special arch supports, got a referral to physical therapy, a cortisone shot and an eventual discussion of surgery.  That was not an option.

I happened to be discussing my plight with a friend who had suffered with the same affliction for years and was pain free due to the benefits of Functional Bowen™ Therapy. She referred me to Judy Terwilliger and the rest is history.

I was pain free after four sessions with this gifted practitioner.  She not only applies the Functional Bowen™ techniques effectively, but expands the benefits with functional stretches and exercises that can be continued at home. I highly recommend this Cross Fiber Neuromuscular Treatment to anyone who is recovering from surgery or an injury or who suffers from chronic pain of any kind. It should be a medically recognized and reimbursed treatment as is physical therapy, some acupuncture, and chiropractics.

Edie M.

I was enjoying a family vacation in Alabama. A sunny day on the lake turned into a helicopter ride to the hospital when I slipped from a rope swing into shallow water and shattered my knee on a rock. What resulted was emergency surgery to repair my patella and re-attach my tendons. I was in the hospital for four days and was finally able to travel home to California after a week.

Because of the nature of my injury, I was put in a large brace to keep my knee stable and given a prescription for pain medication. As someone who is active, enjoys exercise, and is a special education teacher and constantly on my feet, I was devastated. I found that I couldn’t sleep, had developed extreme back pain from being immobile and had significant swelling throughout my entire leg.

My mother recommended that I make an appointment with Judy Terwilliger and I could not have made a better decision. After my first session I was sold. She was able to relieve my back pain through her method of Functional Bowen™ Therapy and when I was able to free myself of the brace (with the go-ahead of my Orthopedic Doctor) she significantly decreased the swelling in my knee and activated my atrophied muscles.

Her application of Functional Bowen™ techniques and stretches has increased my range of motion and I show improvement with each session. I have also stopped taking my prescribed pain medication, have shown improvement in walking and am sleeping and feeling better.

I firmly believe that this method should be medically recognized and would recommend it to anyone suffering from pain of any kind.”

Jenny M.

My name is Veronica Ramirez. I’m a mom of 4 kids, Aldo (10), Alan (8), Anel (3) and Andre (1). When Aldo had his very first check up as a baby, I noticed that something was wrong with his legs, his right leg was coming way inwards and did not go outwards like it supposed to, so I mentioned that to the pediatrician and he told me that “he was fine”, I also notice that Alan had some leg problems too.

Due to changes of my health insurance and also moving out of the state, we were able to see other pediatricians and I always mention my big concern with my sons’ legs, and every time, the doctors told me the same thing “oh they’re fine” one of them even told me that they would grow out of it. So I thought, “Well, they are doctors, the must know what they are talking about,” but that didn’t bring me any peace of mind. I still felt that something was wrong and no doctor wanted to care.

I noticed that the problem didn’t go away, and my kids were running funny, even the way they walked was strange. At the end of the last school year, Aldo, decided to participate in the Mini Olympics against other schools, and when he was running, he was tripping with his right foot, and I could see with great sadness his frustration, because of his legs. “That was it”; I needed to find someone that could listen and help my kids.

A friend of mine who is a runner, told me about Judy and the Functional Bowen Method™, so I decided to give it a try. It was amazing how Judy was explaining to me what was wrong with my children, and the way she worked with their muscles made a huge difference right away.

After she was done, I saw with great amazement and even tears in my eyes that they were walking and running way better, for the first time I felt that someone cared enough to listen, she didn’t make me feel that I was crazy, and she could understand my frustration, especially the help that I was looking for my kids.

Now I see them running faster without tripping with their own feet, they are taking tennis lessons and before Judy some drills made them fall all the time, because of the tight muscles of their legs, after Judy, they don’t fall at all.

I cannot thank Judy enough for her amazing talent and the lasting effect on my kids’ lives. Thanks Judy! =D

Veronica R.

I was sent to Judy Terwilliger by my chiropractic doctor who was confident Judy would help with re-establishing body alignment and relieving long-term chronic muscular pain.  I have now seen Judy for several years.

My work requires that I sit 90-95% of the time, work under extreme ongoing stress and am impacted physically in many ways.  I see Judy regularly and have called on her for emergency visits at least twice recently where I literally could not work from pain.  In both cases, I went right back to work directly from Judy’s office.

Judy’s is a whole body approach. Her education and knowledge of how the body works, how it is all connected, what it does when stressed or hurt and how it can be assisted and healed through deep tissue manipulation is appreciable. The tiniest bones and muscles in my little finger to the major muscles in my hips have received Judy’s experienced attention and adept focus. Judy knows right where to start, where to go and how to assess the outcome. As is her office care, her instructions on self after care are specific and effective. Judy is a permanent member of my health care team.

Cynthia S., Executive Administrative Assistant