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Regarding the use of the therapeutic release technique called: Functional Sports Bowen™

I’ve tried neuromuscular massage, deep tissue massage, ART (Active Release Technique), Airrosti Rehab Therapy, and recently Functional (Sports) Bowen™ therapy. While there are similarities among these modalities in terms of addressing distorted muscle fascia, I find that Functional Bowen™ therapy provides comparable results and is less invasive and more comprehensive. In a single session, lasting approximately an hour to 90 minutes, I experienced a full-body muscular/fascial release. Range of motion was improved at the shoulders and hips immediately following treatment and muscle tension/pain continued to ease over the following 24 hours. General muscle fatigue occurred approximately 6 hours following treatment but was resolved over night. Functional (Sports) Bowen™ therapy can help relieve sore/tight muscles, improve joint range of motion, and also increase flexibility. CrossFit asks a lot of our bodies. Recovery is absolutely essential in creating the kinds of muscular and physiological adaptations necessary to achieving our goals!

Katy Welsh, Coach, Elk Grove CrossFit, California Post Collegiate Competitor in Track and Field, Cornell University: 100m, 200m, 400m Sprint & Qualifier for Olympic Trials in 2004 for 400m hurdles.

I would recommend Functional Sports Bowen™ to all competitors, especially in CrossFit, due to the intense workloads we put our bodies through daily. The re-alignment / balance for me was key to my success and rehabilitation. As a 58-year Masters Competitor, who has had my fair share of success in our Sport, my range of motion was limited, restricting me from successfully increasing my loads. Following my first therapy session, I hit a PR in (3) lifts during that week. This I attribute to my improved range of motion and flexibility. As you get older, the (4) components to be successful in your training and in competition are even more important. You must train hard – heavy and smart, get sufficient rest for recovery, get proper nutrition, and focus on mobility work. I was missing the last component of mobility work on a consistent basis. Now I feel half my age when training and competing. The muscle balance and improved flexibility that Functional Bowen™ has given me has been quite amazing. I have tried Deep Tissue, Trigger point, Chiropractic, Traditional Health care, and Sports Massage. All have given me limited relief, but never addressing the source of my problem. Since experiencing this form of therapy at Flexibly Fit™, for a total of (5) visits, I have continued to make huge improvements in my training. The staff of Flexibly Fit™ make you feel at home and walk you through the process, educating you as the work is done on your body. In short, if you are not using this form of Therapy, you really are limiting your growth in the sport. I encourage everyone to try Functional Sports Bowen™.

Dallas Broussard, Personal Trainer /Coach, Warrior CrossFit, Elk Grove, California Masters Competitor, CrossFit Games

I am a 46-year-old Masters level CrossFit female who has managed to keep myself healthy through engaging in consistent Functional Bowen™ Therapy. When I was first introduced to this form of therapy, I had an injury and for many months I would only seek therapy when I injured myself. Then, I started competing more and quickly learned that this form of therapy was critical for more than just injury repair. It is a proactive way to keep myself healthy through all the wear and tear on my rather old body. Last year I competed in the CrossFit Games and through the regular use of this form of therapy, I kept injury free, through a very lengthy training period leading up to both the regional and worldwide events. I am sold! Functional Sports Bowen™ therapy is a consistent part of my CrossFit program.

Cori Boone, 12th Place Finish, Masters Division, CrossFit Games- East Sacramento CrossFit, Sacramento, California.

Being a professional water skier, I push my body to the max day in and day out; whether it is in the gym or on the water. Over the past 6 years I have dealt with a few nagging injuries that never seemed to go away no matter how much time I took off or how many visits I had with a massage therapist, deep tissue, trigger point, chiropractor or physical therapist. I drove hundreds of miles, spent many hours in the car and on a table and spent a lot of money to see some of the top people in Northern California in order to get healthy and not feel like my body always hurt. I also seemed more prone to injuries, nothing major but minor injuries that would sideline me for a few days to 2 weeks.

In January, I discovered Functional Sports Bowen™ Therapy by Flexibly Fit™ while at the “SacTown ThrowDown”, a local CrossFit sponsored event. I scheduled an appointment and needless to say, the rest has been history. In this short amount of time, just one visit, I received more results than any other visit or consecutive visits from anyone else I had seen in the past 6 years. After the 2nd visit, I felt like I was a new person; I was able to move functionally for the first time in over 6 years. After all that time with pain and aching, I really believed that this is how my body was and that I would never improve. At 23 years old I was pretty “jacked up”.

This therapy has helped with my hip mobility/range of motion, reduced the tension in my neck/traps that I had been present since 2009, and my balance has improved. Functional Bowen™ has helped my posture and overall flexibility throughout my entire body. I no longer have shoulder pain that the doctors said was an impingement. Of those whom I have already referred in the past couple of weeks, all have seen positive results, no matter what their problems were. In summary, this form of therapy is different from others forms of work in that as it focuses on the problem, it produces the kind of muscle release and balance that allows the whole musculature to work together to affect change. The muscles feel more balanced, less achy and able to do more or face harder physical challenges as an athlete. I find now that I am able to push my body to do more extreme work outs without injury. As a professional athlete, I recommend this process because it enables me to compete at the highest level on a world stage.

Brian Detrick, Professional World Class Water Skier; Water Ski World University Champion, US Team Member, and Warrior CrossFit, Elk Grove, California