National Functional Bowen™ Institute Testimonials

What Students Say About The Class

The level of Judy’s knowledge and her passion to not only increase her knowledge but pass it on to others is inspiring. She is a natural teacher and made the classes so enjoyable – time flew. Thanks a million for everything!— C.D., Healthcare Advocate

Everything is wonderfully laid out for flow of understanding – an understanding of anatomy and physiology is definitely key to getting the most out of it – also being comfortable touching the body – very helpful. It’ll take some time to get comfortable/used to not employing “massage” techniques. I look forward to working this into my practice so that I’m better able to assist my clients with less strain on my body.— J.J., Licensed Massage Therapist

Judy, thank you so much for your expertise and personal investment in our success as practitioners.— L.P., Licensed Acupuncturist

I really appreciate Judy’s willingness to allow me to take this course, as well as her wonderful teaching techniques. The hands-on practice was extremely helpful in remembering and properly conducting these moves. Judy is very understanding and knowledgeable about this therapy as evidenced by her method of teaching and answering questions. She made difficult concepts easier to understand. This therapy incorporates common sense – treatments, which is what makes it so effective.— L.S., Nursing Student

Excellent whole body approach to assessment & treatment. Treatment produces immediate results, both in pain reduction and improvement in posture & functional movement. Techniques are not overly taxing to the therapist’s body. You are extremely giving in your teaching & sharing of experience.— L.T., Licensed Physical Therapist

This course directly spoke to the whole person nursing paradigm, connecting the science and art of healing with a strong evidence base. The course contains an enormous amount of information which, not absorbed during class time, will be accessed and enhanced through self-study and practice guided by the provided manual and suggested textbooks. I look forward to deepening my nursing practice with this important, effective modality and introducing it to my colleagues in the healing professions. The teaching methodologies used were extremely effective, with students receiving individual attention needed to succeed in integrating the course information & practice.— M.W., RN, Community Health Advocate

Real World Results

I have to be honest….I don’t feel like I am ever going to not cry with a person who is in absolute shock that they walked in here unable to remember what it’s like to not be in pain and stood up with no pain. This lady today….pheww…she was a tear jerker. I cried. And I don’t want it to seem like I’m surprised it worked-because obviously I want to be confident that it will and does…but I was surprised…and I cried with her. What an amazing gift you have given to me …to share with others. Literally changing lives. Thank you.— J. Juckett, LMT

Just want to thank apple Day Spa for helping me get through some of the pain I have before I have lower lumbar fusion and back surgery. The staff and especially the massage therapist, Jessica “Magic”, who listens, studies, and even researches instead of just giving your run-of-the-mill massage. Recently she took a course in Functional Bowen™ from a California Specialist in the above. In short my … (family)… thought it might help me, so guess what – it took 20 minutes, fully clothed and (the therapy was) deeper and (Jessica) found muscles I didn’t know I had. After, I felt relief from leg, arm, and even some low back pain. Later I got a full-nights sleep…. the first full night sleep (I had) in a long time. I would suggest you check it out Jess “Magic”…. I’m going to still need surgery but this will help leading up to and after. Sorry to bore you but this is special thanks to Apple Day Spa and “Magic”.

From a Facebook Post by R. Hessling who saw a recent student – Used with permission

I have recently worked on a retired doctor who is 83 and had noticeable changes in his energy and gate as noted by his wife and friends. (He was) sent to me by physical therapist client of mine – Word is definitely getting out ….it’s pretty incredible.— J. Juckett, LMT

Diagnosed with a chronic health illness, I was in constant pain and despair of ever being able to function at any level without experiencing pain. A friend suggested I try Functional Bowen™ therapy and told me Jessica at Apple Day Spa was certified in the procedure. I reluctantly made an appointment with her, and immediately had a significant reduction in pain. An ongoing process, I plan on continuing with Jessica for a long time. Every treatment with Functional Bowen™ brings me additional relief and has restored my hope for a pain-free future. I am so grateful to Jessica and Apple Day Spa for offering this treatment!— Ellen S.

Class Evaluation by Health Care Providers.

“I thoroughly enjoyed how eye-opening this class was! Seeing the dysfunctions on an actual child and seeing them resolved only made me more exited to learn this…amazing! The progression pictures were so very helpful to solidify the concept of what happens in the body when dysfunction isn’t released early. Watching while children were worked on was so helpful, as was having Judy go through how to deal with different age groups.” – C. Decker, LMT

“I appreciate Judy’s ability to read her audience! She provides very technical information in a practical manner. She is impacting health care wherever she presents. Judy is very relatable, understanding, empathetic, knowledgeable and effective. She is improving the quality of life one infant at a time!” – D. Decker, RN

“Judy has an excellent manner of explaining and demonstrating Functional Bowen™ Therapy in a way that a parent/caregiver is able to understand and continue what is done by the therapist at home.

Through this advanced assessment, including maternal history and the mother/child’s birth experience, one can easily understand the treatment objectives to be accomplished. Further the therapeutic outcome of the child with significant dysfunction, as demonstrated in class, was phenomenal.

“Judy is a natural teacher with extensive knowledge and experience. She’s passionate about helping others, who seek to help their patients/family, to be successful participants in the healing process.”– A. Etter, RN

“Amazing! Every Nurse or Healthcare Professional should attend. Judy has taken Western Medicine’s scope of practice, which is typically narrowed in vision and completely opened up the healthcare practitioner’s perspective, offering a new and effective approach to assessment and care of these newborns, infants and children.” – H. Gillan, RN, CMT

“Excellent course! Thank you for your excellent, compassionate, and integrative work. The hands-on practice was imperative and your individualized attention to each participant’s needs was extremely helpful and supportive. The days are long but full of detail that makes it very worthwhile. Can’t wait to begin practicing right away!”– N. Johanson, SLP/CLC

“I very much enjoyed this program and recommend all lactation consultants take it. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.”– K. Poremba, RN, IBCLC

“Very, very helpful to observe treating children. Explanations were clear and illustrations made things clearer.” – L. Potter, L Ac

“It’s amazing how Functional Bowen™ Therapy can be applied to the pediatric population in helping correct early myofascial dysfunctional patterns and promote normal developmental growth.

Judy does an excellent job teaching and explaining the course objectives and concepts. She applies scientific knowledge and results from her own evidence-based practice to her class. I enjoyed the hands-on learning environment.” – J. Salonga, RN, CMT

“As a therapist who has seen mainly adults previously, I feel it’s important to take this class to provide even more well-rounded adult-patient care, using these advanced assessment skills. I have used the Functional Bowen Method™ in my practice for several years now and find it amazingly effective. I attended to learn how best to apply it in the care of this age population.

Pursuing therapy for children of any age this course is essential because it stresses the effects of fascial pulling across the human frame. It also teaches a better way to think about, assess, and help through corrective body-work those structural dysfunctions in the infant/child population that often interrupts their growth and development.

I was impressed by the emotional/social component discussed relating to the parents as primary team-members and essential participants in the care of their child. This course provides clues at all levels and stages of growth that help the therapist better understand what dysfunctional issues they are actually seeing, quite possibly over time, and how best to help make positive changes.

These changes should be addressed especially in children who are unable to communicate for themselves to let us know what is wrong. Finally, this class gave us tools to alleviate their suffering/difficulties, thereby increasing their opportunity to grow in a healthy way and be successful in life.”– B. Shields, CMP

Acupuncturist Perspective

Lynn Potter, L Ac, RDN, LDN, CFBT
Certified Functional Bowen™ Therapist
Honesdale, PA

Questions & Answers

1. As an acupuncturist with many years of experience, why add Functional Bowen™(FBT)to your treatment regimen?

FBT is a very effective and practitioner friendly way to move Qi. I find it especially helpful with patients who complain of non-specific, whole-body pain. It is a place for me to start. Once I have done the treatment, it levels the playing ground and makes it is easier to diagnose where the problems remain.

2. How often do you include it in your work with people and how effective do you find it?

I use FBT almost every day. I have some patients who just come to me for FBT. However, I often combine acupuncture especially in cases like sciatica pain and plantar fasciitis just to name a few.

3. Would you recommend others in the Acupuncture community take a class in Functional Bowen™?

I would highly recommend any acupuncturist to study with Judy. I found that my anatomy knowledge increased in a very personal way. This is because I came to know muscle, tendon, ligament groups and their relationships to each other. That understanding increased my ability to know what it means to have that relationship in balance. The hands-on approach is a very integral part of my practice both in diagnosis and treatment.

4. How has the use of this method benefitted your practice?

Having FBT in my tool box has increased my patient base. It has attracted a patient population who want to have therapeutic body work and don’t want the spa massage experience.

Using FBT in my everyday practice has shortened the course of treatment for my patients. That has proven to be a huge benefit for me since I have a cash practice and it has made the commitment to treatment more reasonable for my patients.

Many of my new patients are a result of referrals from patients who have been successfully discharged from my practice. I also get referrals from the local Primary Care Doctors. While I cannot directly attribute that to FBT I am convinced that having that therapeutic modality has added to my credibility in the Western Medicine world.

Uniquely Different

How This Method Is Unique – Two student perspectives

The Functional Bowen™ Class was educational and informative. Judy’s knowledge, experience and passion are priceless. Her teaching style is very thorough and engaging. The demonstration/observation and hands-on portion of the instruction solidifies the whole process and allows the students to be able to perform the techniques with success.

The Functional Bowen™ technique is impressive and effective. The initial multi-plane, thorough postural assessment process assists to identify the muscle and structural dysfunction. The gentle method of plucking, strumming and rolling the tissue and muscle, facilitates the fascia to move and release the muscle dysfunction allowing the body to balance. This process allows the body to return to homeostasis and facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal.

As a CMT, I have been exposed and trained in several modalities. In my opinion, Functional Bowen™ is the most effective technique I have experienced. Due to the results I have witnessed and experienced personally, I will utilize Functional Bowen™ as my main modality to help my clients achieve optimal movement, postural balance and overall health. – L. Gieger / CMT

Functional Bowen™ Therapy is a great complimentary therapy in aiding individuals thorough the healing process and getting the body back to homeostasis.

Functional Bowen™ Therapy uses a systematic approach in finding the cause and effect of a symptom, such as pain, rather than only treating the symptom and getting temporary relief.

The body is intricate in how it functions and you can’t treat one problem area without addressing everything else as a whole because it is all connected. The therapy does exactly that.

This method globally balances the body through structural integrity and functional mobility. As an RN, I work with a vast number of patients with back pain, joint pain, nerve pain, and muscle pain.

I plan to use this therapy as an adjunct treatment to pain management, which would help increase patient’s quality of life. – J. Salonga / Orthopedic Rehab RN