Traditional Bowen Method vs Functional Bowen Method™

Traditional Bowen Method vs Functional Bowen Method™

Functional Bowen™ Therapy is a form of functional mobility therapy that utilizes the unique therapeutic tool from the work of Thomas Bowen. However, it is a proprietary method that differs entirely from the Traditional Bowen Method approach.

The key element is a systematically-directed fascia based muscle release technique combined with therapeutic range of motion, hydrotherapy and other home-based therapeutics concepts.

Functional Bowen™ provides the “missing piece” in a targeted multi-disciplinary approach to functional mobility deficits, pain management, general structural imbalances, and dysfunction related to hindering muscle tension.

Where applied, it can play an integral role in restoration of normal functional mobility in the body, focusing on a wellness paradigm rather than on a disease model. At its core is the concept of tensegrity, an understanding of which will revolutionize the way that one perceives the structural integrity of the human frame.

Study of the in vivo tissues using surgical endoscopy (digital endoscopic video photography) has revealed recently a fascial network of collagen fibers that are arranged in what appears to be a matrix of complex organization of polyhedronal shapes.

What’s the Difference?

Traditional Bowen MethodFunctional Bowen Method
Meridian BasedFunctional “Tensegrity” Based
Global Balance To Affect Body Systems and Produce CalmGlobal Balance Focused on Structural Integrity and Functional Mobility
Symptom Focused with Special Applications for Special Problems Taught in Areas CoveredPosturally Focused with Problem Oriented Search to Resolve Muscle Pattern Dysfunction
Isolated in Approach with No Other Modalities InvolvedA Cooperative, Complimentary Approach to Pain Management
Not Intended as an Integrative Form of TherapyIntended as an Integrative Form of Therapy
Somewhat Effective as a Stand-Alone TherapyEffective as an Adjunct Therapy or as a Stand-Alone Therapy

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