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Baby suckling at breast

It’s Not My Fault – A Mommy-Infant Lament
It would seem that more and more babies, new moms and families can be found to experience unknown obstacles, even hidden barriers on their breastfeeding path. Both are engaged in an uncertain process that is supposed to be so natural… Click link above to Read More.

Listen to Your Mommy Heart… When Normal Doesn’t Feel Normal
Raising children in this fast paced, highly mobile, overflowing sea of information filled society can be a real challenge for any parent. Thankfully there are support systems that have risen to meet the challenges of the new mom/family. Listen to your “mommy heart”… Click link above to Read More.

Pediatric Home-Based Therapeutics

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Complete instructions for each of these designated activities will be a valuable soon for your benefit. For the present please refer to your therapist for her exact instructions. Thank you for your patience.


  •  Rice Packs
  •  Epsom Salt Soaks


  •  Tummy Time
  •  So Big
  •  Hug Me’s
  •  Maple Sugar
  •  Peek-A-Boos
  •  Tick Tock
  •  Bridges
  •  Ball Roll
  •  Hip Wiggles
  •  Egg Rolls
  •  Chair Roll Ups
  •  Bicycle
  •  Soup Stirs
  •  Duck Quacks
  •  Superman Fly’s
  •  Toes Goes / Miss Piggy
  •  Pillow Mountain
  •  Gingerbread Crawl
  •  Wheelbarrows


  •  Specified

Resources for Parents

Often parents have questions regarding what is developmentally “normal” for the muscles of their baby / toddler. The following links are intended as a means of picturing what is structurally sound (at the 6 month mark) versus what is not. It is recommended that if your child falls into the Atypical group in any category that they be seen by your pediatrician or family healthcare practictioner as soon as possible for follow up. This site also has other ages and stages you may find helpful. Again, if you have questions consult your child’s health care provider. Early intervention can prevent a lifetime of structural challenges. Left unrecognized and untreated children can face a lifetime of needless physical, emotional and mental struggles. Remember as a parent, you are your child’s best advocate.

Is My Baby Ok (PDF)

Esta Bien Mi Bebe (PDF)