What if you could banish low back pain … prevent falls … and increase flexibility in just minutes a day?

You can do all the above — and more — thanks to a new Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School. Gentle Core Exercises brings you the safest, gentlest, and fastest ways to strengthen and tone important core muscles.

Gentle Core Exercises
• 38 core exercises that deliver results
• More than 50 detailed, how-to photos
• Over 100 tips and techniques
• Plus a special bonus section!

Your core muscles go far beyond your abs. Strengthen your core and you’ll firm and tone muscles in your back, sides, pelvis, abdomen, and butt that are critical for every move you make, from bending and reaching to twisting and standing. What’s the difference between “regular” and “gentle” core exercises? Gentle core exercises are specially designed for people who aren’t up to tackling regular core exercises, perhaps because they are out of shape, or possibly due to an injury or health problem.

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You’ll not only learn all about why core strength and flexibility are so important to your health, you’ll get 38 exercises to gently work your core — including a home workout section that gives you two levels for each move to help keep your workout challenging. Photos of every exercise show you exactly how to do each move. Plus, tips and techniques give you pointers for making each move easier, and help ensure you’re doing them correctly with great form.

What’s more, it takes just minutes a day to complete the exercises. Order Gentle Core Exercises today!